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Advisory Board

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age

Attorney Paul A. Samakow Community Advisory Board and


Improving Lives

Collaboration Towards Individual Well-Being, Strength, and Resiliency

Partners within Community

Mobilizing Our Community & Enabling Dialogue:

*Health *Education *Legal Advocacy & Business Planning

Identifying Community Concerns & Providing Collaborative Solutions
Access to Government, Non-Profit and Private Resources

Seeking Voices:

Advisory Board


Attorney Paul Samakow is assembling two Community Advisory Boards to collaborate
and develop actionable plans to help the community, based on projects and goals as
the consensus of the Board.  There will be one Board in Virginia and one in Maryland,
each with ten (10) members.  There will be two meetings in each state every year to
collaborate on specific topics and the ways we can implement those topics to help the

Kick-Off Meeting


The "kickoff" meeting will be held in Mr. Samakow's office in Tyson's Corner, Virginia with

all 20 members and Partners.  Thereafter meetings will be held at locations to be determined in
each state with that state's members. In addition to and in exchange for their contributions,
Advisory Board Members will get many benefits from Mr. Samakow and the Advisory
Board “Partners.”  Members will have special access and “deals” from the Advisory Board

Meetings will be announced at least one month in advance.  Your partnership
through this effort will help deliver Impacto Ahora a nuestra Comunidad!

Business Meeting

How it works

Meetings will be at a restaurant and dinner will be provided by Samakow Law – no
·         Board Members will be given $50 for attending the meetings.
·         Board Members must be willing to give advice and opinions.
·         Board Member’s business will be mentioned in Samakow Law email newsletter –
approximately 15,000 people get this newsletter every month, and all Board Members
will be recognized and identified in every newsletter.
·         Board Members will have exclusive access to Mr. Samakow for legal advice at no
charge – this is not representation, just advice.
·         Mr. Samakow will review Board Member’s auto insurance policy for free and make
·         Board Members will have exclusive access to Mr. Samakow’s wide network of
community connections and leaders, to include employment assistance, computer
training, automobile dealers, insurance agencies, restaurants, other attorneys (criminal
and immigration for example), real estate and mortgage professionals, many local
government services to include counselling for abuse and health care, and more.


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